“We Are One”



Monday, April 13, 2009


Good morning Ryan,


Sorry, I did not get back with you yesterday afternoon to continue my letter. The Master’s got in the way and also “The Shack.” The Shack is a book someone suggested I read. When I went down to Supply, NC a few weeks ago to finalize some of your legal paperwork at the Brunswick County courthouse, I had a conversation with the security guard. On the way out, after finishing my necessary chores, I started talking with the security guard. If I recall correctly her name was Kaylee, though I could be wrong. We will call her Kaylee either way. When Kaylee realized why I was visiting, she let me know she was aware of your accident, and certainly had us in her prayers. She immediately reached over from her desk, near the metal detector and pulled out a book called “The Shack “. Kaylee told me she recently lost a close family member and found this book to read. She had just finished it.

I am about two thirds through the book. The beginning was very difficult to read, as the story is about a father, while on a camping trip with his three children, the youngest girl about seven was kidnapped and apparently murdered by a well known serial killer. The father falls into a great sadness for about four years. All they found at an old shack was the child’s battered and bloody cloths sitting on a table. After four years the father received a note in his mailbox. It was hand written with no stamp or return address. It said.  “Meet me at the shack, signed Papa. Papa was a family secret referring to God. Looking for some closure, the father ends up going to the shack, even though justifiably, he had mixed emotions. Was it really God? Perhaps it is a joke? Maybe it is the serial killer setting him up?

When he finally gets to the shack, he is given the opportunity to confront God, all three of them, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. According to God, each is God and God is each. This is where I am in the book. I will keep you posted.

The point I wish to make this day to you Ryan, is my great sadness is:  I am the saddest when I think about all things you did not get to experience. There are many, like Marriage, Children, enjoying and basking in your accomplishments (You would have had many),  Your bucket list, a career, a dog, your own house and we both know the list is truly endless. This is what I cry about the most. This is my great sadness.  Ryan, I also want you to know, you have succeeded in making me happy. I mean truly happy. When ever I was around you or even thought about you, I had a smile on my face. Yes, we had disagreements; however, they were far and very few in between. I cherished and enjoyed all the time we did have together. I never could get enough of you. Back to the story, the part I am in now, God explains to the father of the murdered girl how the Holy Trinity is God, and how God is in each of the three. There are no leaders and each decision that is made by the three is based on love and as such there is no need for a leader or even discussion. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and each of them is part of the other two.

Ryan, this is how I feel. You are part of me and me part of you. I will be sharing the remainder of my life with you in me and me in you.  We have been always together and we will continue always being together for eternity.

Thank you for enough memories to last me a lifetime.

I love you Ryan



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