Death Row Revised

I’ve been preparing for this moment.

With hand sanitizers, apples

And a lack of cigarettes.

The picture of health

High cardio and low cholesterol.

45 SPF, 8 glasses daily, latex condoms.

I live my life the way ‘they’ told me to.

A victim of the posters on the Doctors wall.

My  life will be taken too soon


A vain attempt to purge

Myself of illness.

Yet, here I am, looking back

My life is not flashing

I can’t recall a single moment

A lack of feeling, no emotion, no experience.

Planning and preparing to live forever

And in the process

Forgetting to live.

With a futile

Attempt to escape mortality,

My life is inevitably mortal

And unlived.

I have been behind my bars of fear

Waiting for the end

Much like Death Row.


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