Saying Goodbye and Every Passing Day

Saying Goodbye



The hardest thing I ever did

Was say goodbye to you

I was only just a little kid

When you left me with nothing to do

Now you are leaving without fail

Going to break my heart in two

I though we would forever sail

I cannot do it without you

Don’t leave me without saying goodbye

Lord do not take him away

Please do not leave me wondering why

I will not see you the next day

I know now that you are dying

You can’t help the way things turned out to be

I do not want to give up trying

I want you here with me

I will go out to the sea

Finally, to let you fly

Go up to heaven and wait for me

I cannot say goodbye


Ryan Alea Young




With Every Passing Day


With every passing day

I miss you more and more

I wish that you could stay

Love me like you did before

Now you left me and can’t comeback

To hold me and love me too

In my heart I severely lack

The presence of your love so true

In my heart I know you’re above

Watching over me

Showering me with your love

Our hearts together will always be

Now with every passing day

I look up to the sky

I love you  is what I say

Finally goodbye


Ryan Alea Young


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